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FBE Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Next year, 2011, FBE will start a new initiative, FBE Excellence in Teaching Awards. These awards will be awarded to FBE full-time members of academic staff. These awards celebrate FBEs most outstanding teachers in their field. Each year, the Excellence in Teaching awards will prominently recognise educators who are renowned for the quality of their teaching, who have outstanding presentation skills and who have made a broader contribution to enhancing the effectiveness of learning and teaching at the faculty.

In September each year, there will be a call for nominations from all staff for these prizes. Nominations will come to the Office of Associate Dean (Learning, Teaching) by the due date as announced and they must be in the format requested. After the due date, the AD (L&T) will convene a Committee comprising heads of school to review all nominations and make a recommendation to the Dean and the 2 Associate Deans who will make the final decision.

The winners will be awarded the prizes at the Faculty Assembly in November. They will also be the FBE nominees to the VCs Excellence in Teaching Award. There will be 5 awards:

  1. An award will be for the best teacher teaching 100-level course(s),
  2. The best teacher teaching 200-level course (s) 
  3. The best teacher teaching 300-level course (s)
  4. The best teacher teaching 400-level course (s)
  5. The best thesis supervisor

Each winner will receive a prize of F$1,000.

All FBE academic staff members will be notified at the beginning of every year about the awards.

Eligibility criteria

All FBE academic staff can be nominated: full-time or fractional - tutors and professors and all levels in between. Nominees should have been employed at FBE for at least three (3) years, as evidence of a sustained contribution is required. The nominee must also be a member of FBE academic staff during the period of the Award Committee's deliberations and decision.

Selection criteria

All applications for the FBE Award for Teaching Excellence will be assessed on evidence they provide in relation to the following five criteria which are in line with the Australian National Awards for Teaching Excellence. These criteria will be given equal consideration by the Selection Committee. There is NO self-nomination permitted. Note: applications should be submitted in Word and include the completed Nomination Form.

  1. Approaches to teaching that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn which may include: fostering student development by stimulating curiosity and independence in learning; contributing to the development of students‟ critical thinking skills, analytical skills and scholarly values; encouraging student engagement through the enthusiasm shown for learning and teaching; inspiring and motivating students through high-level communication, presentation and interpersonal skills 
  2. Development of curricula and resources that reflect a command of the field which may include: developing and presenting coherent and imaginative resources for student learning; implementing research-led approaches to learning and teaching; demonstrating up-to-date knowledge of the field of study in the design of the curriculum and the creation of resources for learning; communicating clear objectives and expectations for student learning 
  3. Approaches to assessment and feedback that foster independent learning which may include: integrating assessment strategies with the specific aims and objectives for student learning; providing timely, worthwhile feedback to students on their learning; using a variety of assessment and feedback strategies; implementing both formative and summative assessment; adapting assessment methods to different contexts and diverse student needs 
  4. Respect and support for the development of students as individuals which may include: participating in the effective and empathetic guidance and advising of students; assisting students from equity and other demographic subgroups to participate and achieve success in their courses; influencing the overall academic, social and cultural experience of higher education.
  5. Scholarly activities that have influenced and enhanced learning and teaching which may include: showing advanced skills in evaluation and reflective practice; participating in and contributing to professional activities related to learning and teaching; coordination, management and leadership of courses and student learning; conducting and publishing research related to teaching; demonstrating leadership through activities that have broad influence on the profession. 
  6. Pacific component Courses taught should have pacific examples.

Essential documentation for FBEs award

The following essential documentation is required to complete the application:

Nominee's written statement includes:

  • 150-200 word synopsis written in the third person covering the nominee's teaching area or discipline, teaching experience, the particular focus of their teaching, teaching methods, and their research/teaching interests. 
  • An overview of application.
  • The remainder of the written statement should address the category of the nomination and each of the selection criteria. Evidence to support the claims must be provided. The views of students, collaborators and/or colleagues, as appropriate, will be a key element in the assessment of nominations. Written statement should not be longer than six (6) A4 pages, 11 point font, with single line spacing and margins of 25mm all around.

Curriculum vitae

This should outline the nominee's educational qualifications, employment history, teaching positions held and teaching experience. The curriculum vita is limited to three (3) A4 pages (minimum 11 point font) per individual.


Two (2) references, limited to one (1) A4 page each must be provided by colleagues who are able to comment on the nominee's claims against the selection criteria. One of the referees must be the head of the nominee's faculty, department or school. One (1) additional reference of one (1) A4 page from a FORMER student can be provided.

References must be signed by the referee (electronic signatures supplied by the referee to the nominee are acceptable).

Optional supporting materials

Selection will be based on the written statement addressing the selection criteria. However, nominees can include teaching materials supporting their written statements. The relevance of this material must be made clear in the written statement.

Nominees may use a maximum of two of the following: website (URL), CD ROM /DVD, digitised video or audio tape, or 10 pages of printed material.

PLEASE NOTE: To be considered for the FBEs Excellence in Teaching Award, nominations must be complete and received by the Office of Associate Dean (L&T) by September 30th, 2011.

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