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Appreciation and Recognition of Peer Mentors Semester 1 2019

On Wednesday 22nd May, the Faculty’s eighteen Senior Peer Mentors were presented with Certificates in recognition of their dedication and diligence. The Chief Guest, Dr Nacanieli Rika, FBE Associate Dean Planning and Quality, in addressing the Peer Mentors advised them on the importance of their role in the business of learning and teaching at the USP.

Dr Rika stressed the importance of reflective practice which was illustrated in an evaluation activity during the event, where the peer mentors had to share the habits and practices they need to move onto, continue with and/or stop altogether. Using the analogy of a garland, he expressed how whatever learning they had acquired could be seen as a garland which is worn in celebration of an achievement like graduation. A garland is not just the beautiful and fragrant physical one, but it is also representative of all the successes along the learning journey. As mentors they were also adding to the “garlands” that would be worn by their mentees. Furthermore, he emphasized that learning was not just confined to academic knowledge and necessary skills for the job market, but that personal development like professionalism, patience, courtesy, respect and other qualities were just as important. Moreover, he referred to the importance of life-long learning, of sharing and passing on their own learning to their peers and to remember the impact they have on other people’s lives.

The event was interactive, reflective and insightful for the Senior Peer Mentoring programme.

Image: GDN

The Global Development Network (GDN) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), which in 2017 partnered to set up the prestigious and highly innovative EIB-GDN Program in Applied Development Finance. This is a unique learning-by-doing fellowship program under which selected researchers from African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries are provided the opportunity of conducting "deep-dive" evaluations, over a period of one year, of real-world private sector development projects financed under the EIB's Impact Financing Envelope (IFE). More >>

2018-2019 Fiji National Budget Consultation

As part of the pre-budget consultation process, you have the opportunity to give your suggestions, proposals or even recommendations to representation from the Fiji Government on Wednesday, 21 March 2018 from 9.00am – 11.00am at the Japan Pacific ICT Multipurpose Theatre.  All students are invited.

For more details please refer to the attachment Fiji Budget Consultation.

FBE Hosts Morning Tea and Certificate Award Ceremony for Senior Peer Mentors

On Wednesday 18th October 2017, the Faculty of Business and Economics hosted a Morning Tea for Senior Peer Mentors and presented them with certificates to recognise their efforts in making the learning journey of their mentees easier and successful. The Senior Peer Mentoring Programme offers academic support to students of various disciplines in the Faculty. It comprises Senior Peers who mentor or guide students in their courses. The Senior Peer Mentors are high achieving students and take on the mentoring opportunity to create awareness amongst students on how to approach and cope with aspects of their study programme. Through this programme Peer Mentors have the opportunity to nurture their leadership qualities and skills, and in turn empower the students they mentor to develop their own learning and take on mentoring roles. For semester 2 2017, there were 30 mentors altogether. 

Senior Peer Mentors of semester 2, 2017 with Dr. Rika and SLS Staff Roshila SinghFBE Senior peer mentors with SLS Staff Roshila SinghDr. Rika presenting certificate to Deepa Pillay (Mentor with SOAF)Dr. Rika presenting certificate to Nelshen Prasad (Mentor with SOAF)Dr. Rika presenting certificate to Rinshika Maharaj (Mentor with SOE)Dr. Rika presenting certificate to Shalni Devi (Mentor with SOE)Dr. Rika presenting certificate to Shivneet Dutt (Mentor with SOAF)Dr. Rika presenting certificate to Steven Shivneshwar (Mentor with SLMD)Dr. Rika presenting certificate to Tasprit Kaur (Mentor with SOE and SGDIA)Dr. Rika presenting certificate to Shiradhna Kumar (Mentor with SGDIA)Dr. Rika presenting certificate to Nason Nunufia (Mentor with SOE)Dr. Rika presenting certificate to Lanieta More (Mentor with SMPA)Dr. Rika presenting certificate to Israel Donumanasava  (Mentor with SGDIA)Dr. Rika presenting certificate to Yash Parmar (Mentor with SOAF)

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